Artspace, Auckland

For Collective Unconscious

12 March, 2016 - 22 April, 2016

Billy Apple®
Amy Blinkhorne
Black Cracker and GFS
Teghan Burt and George Rump
Léuli Eshraghi
Tom of Finland®
Alicia Frankovich
Nan Goldin
Nilbar Güreş
Dale Harding
Samuel Hodge
Lonnie Hutchinson
Paul Johns
William E. Jones
Yuki Kihara
Grant Lingard
Alex Monteith
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
Catherine Opie
Emily Roysdon
Aykan Safoğlu
Ava Seymour
Jennifer Katherine Shields
Jaimee Stockman-Young
Zackary Steiner-Fox
Brian Tennessee Claflin
Wolfgang Tillmans

In 1986 gay sex was decriminalised in Aotearoa. To mark the 30th anniversary of the Homosexual Law Reform, Artspace Aotearoa presents The Bill. The group exhibition brings together artists who were born into a legal system where LGBT identities were illegitimate, and who, throughout their careers have witnessed changes that are part of an on-going global transformation.

The Bill aims to generate new perspectives on the history of queer identity in Aotearoa.