My Bio 

I was born in Glen Innes, Australia and now based in Sydney, Australia.

Currently my practice draws on a twenty-year archive of material, juxtaposing specific objects from unfamiliar places, reanimating imagery, thoughts, and feelings that have been concealed, ignored, or disregarded. This potentially never-ending process helps me question the duty and integrity of the materials I’m manipulating - this includes photography, textiles, and digital video.

When looking at these works, perhaps you might consider the imponderability of a body of work, while at the same time, as an audience, enter endless moments of access within my staged narratives? Or not… it’s not my place to decide.

For me though, the outcomes delivered are a reminder of how certain directions (an ex-lover, a rando book, general queerness) turn us towards the points that we end up, highlighting the magic of this arrival.

(I also love a little bit of naturalistic gardening and am currenly developing a large plot of land in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia - More to come )