Verge Gallery                                                                                     

3 June - 10 July, 2021   

Have fun. Bring joy.

"it's just so nice to make a show. Just make a show"

If we stare at each other hard enough then the ideas flow ~~

         Like meltwater from a stone heart

I'm not sure about that ---- it makes sense for you

puddles in puddles - pools of fun

                       Don't step or do step!

A gritty slurry

                       - The Kieran Bryant story

“The Smushing” is a relief. With this exhibition the artists’ work with elements from their individual practices that they haven't taken to term or have been underutilised. They do this, in the hope, that they can finally flesh this out together.

A porridge. The consistency must be like porridge.


I don't know about that

                    these beads are my select

FUN the show's going to be FUN

A sandwich of thoughts

           Slap some pastrami on it and go

The way the light will hit the crystals

                                          - fabulous!

like that candle holder from beauty & the beast